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Top 10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Buying beauty products can always be a bit of a challenge. But, today’s post, will ease that burden. Being a South Louisiana native, I have a good bit of experience with having a beat face in a crazy climate. Below, I will list some of my personal beauty must-haves for Summer!

  1. A product that I am constantly using in the Summer is some sort of Oil Free Base or Primer. The primer will act as your glue to combat the weather.

I, currently, use Lancôme Oil Free Primer. However, there are several affordable alternatives, like Maybelline’s Baby Skin & Smashbox’s Photo Finish. 

  1. Next on the list is a Skin Tint or Tinted Moisturizer. This product choice depends on your skin type. (If you have oily skin, you want to opt for the Skin Tint.) This product replaces your foundation. The difference is that this product has a built-in sunscreen, it’s lightweight, fast-drying, and long-wearing.

My favorite Skin Tint is NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint Spectrum SPF 30.

  1. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, you want to set your top layer with a mineral setting powder during hotter months. This locks everything in. I prefer mineral powder, as opposed to full coverage powder, during the summer months because it is very lightweight and has a natural finish.

My current favorite is MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish.

  1. A face is nothing without brows, right? Thus, my summer brow products include both Brows Pencils & Pomades. (If you use pomade, make sure it is nontransferable when you get oily or sweat.)

My favorites are MAC’s “Spiked” Brow Pencil & Benefit’s Kabrow Pomade.

  1. The next two products will also focus on the eyes. I often use a Colored Eyeliner to add a little fun to simple eye looks. Typically, I will put the fun color under my eye, in the waterline, to play up things.

My favorite eyeliner right now is Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner. I typically grab for white and shades of blue, green or purple for my brown eyes.

  1. I love False Eyelashes! I like them fluffy and full, but I also want them to feel soft and light.

Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi are simply a must have any time of year for me, along with Koko Lashes. Both are a major key in my beauty box!

  1. I typically look for a Highlighter/Bronzer pair to wear to give my skin a sun-kissed, healthy glow.

I still wear my Lucy Stardust Powder by Gerard Cosmetics, as a highlight, and Cover Girl’s Queen Collection Bronzer.

  1. Adding a bold color to the lips is always fun for Summertime! I love Lip Glosses & Lipsticks for my bold lip wear.

My two Summertime favorites are MAC’s “Heroine” & Kat Von D’s “A Go-Go”.

  1. The last two products are vital for look preservation. A great Setting Spray is needed to seal your makeup and refresh your skin.

My favorites are currently Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” & “De Slick” sprays.

  1. The last product is mostly for the people with oily skin, like me. I keep a Blot Powder on hand! It’s a necessity!

I currently use MAC’s Blot Powder to handle my touch-ups! 

 Being that Summer is all about taking it easy and having fun, I enjoy creating fun, simple looks. I hope you use my recommendations to create some fun looks of your own!


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