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stressed black woman in office

This is What Happened When My Co-worker Cracked an Imaginary Whip

1024 683 Deseré Cross

This is the fourth and final installment of the four-part series “Thriving While Black.” My team had just finished our weekly editorial planning, and post meeting chatter was in full swing. Our feature writer was being heavily complimented for effectively organizing our team calendar and assigning tasks. “We should call you the task master,” exclaimed…

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Here’s How the Providence NAACP Youth Council Members are Making A Difference in Their Community and Beyond

1024 1024 Meah Johnson

  This Summer, I thought it would be interesting to spotlight a millennial group making philanthropic strides.  So, when the Providence NAACP Youth Council fell into my lap, it felt like the perfect fit. This organization, led by Pilar McCloud, contains a group of young ladies and women making moves in furthering Civil Rights efforts. These…

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Count Down to Race Day: The Half-Marathon Diaries Pt. 3

1024 683 Venessa

The Half-Marathon Diaries Pt. 3   A monthly post that sarcastically and often self-deprecatingly lists observations and helpful pointers from the perspective of a millennial woman training for her first half-marathon. These posts seek to evoke a sense of kinship, perhaps some sympathy, and hopefully provide some entertainment for those going through similar fitness journeys.…

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Friending While Black is Like Walking an Infinite Line Between Black and White

1024 681 Deseré Cross

This is the third installment of the four-part series “Thriving While Black.” My co-worker told me I was a cat person. We were carpooling from a happy hour session, jamming to Insecure’s season one soundtrack. I was low-key offended because I hate cats, so I asked my colleague to explain how I’m a “cat person.”…

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dance party

An Inside Look Into the Night I Experienced Dance Floor Gentrification

1024 640 Deseré Cross

This is the second installment of the four-part series “Thriving While Black.” After living in Austin for almost a year, Ive accepted the fact that no matter where I go to turn up, my friends and I will most likely be the only Black people in attendance. But, for some reason last weekend, I thought…

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Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During an Interview

690 450 Lota Erinne

You’ve made it! After sending out dozens upon dozens of applications and waiting with bated breath, you were finally called in for an interview. You’ve shown up in your best business casual attire and breezed through, answering every question with ease. But just as everything seems said and done, your potential boss throws one more…

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What to Do When You’re Feeling Stuck in a Dead-End Job

640 408 Venessa

It’s an awesome and energizing feeling when you first start a new job. You’re coming off the euphoric high of making it through the hiring process, and you’re ready to hit the ground running, fully optimistic about the impact you’ll surely make in the future. And, then one day things change. It may happen gradually…

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Why I’m So Over Mental Health Being Stigmatized in the Age of Social Media

1024 576 Lota Erinne

For a long time, society has either looked down upon victims of mental illness or simply locked them away where they can easily be forgotten. Thankfully, we are moving away from this mindset. Over time, people have come to learn more about the illnesses that have for so long been treated as inexplicable demons within…

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Discrimination or Honest Mistake: An Inside Look into “Riding while Black”

1024 576 Deseré Cross

This is the first installment of the four-part series “Thriving While Black.“ It was July 4th. BAE and I had attended a pool party where we ate our fair share of hotdogs and filled ourselves with celebratory liquor. Now it was time to head downtown to see the Austin city fireworks. I didn’t feel like…

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office party

The Art of Mixing Business and Pleasure (3- Step Guide)

1024 683 Deseré Cross

A lot of people advise against mixing business and pleasure; however, as I’ve grown professionally, I’ve reaped several benefits from blending the two. But, with everything in life there’s levels to this ish, so here are three to get you started. Level 1: The Elevator💼 No matter where you are, the club, bar, office or…

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