Politics as Usual: All Amerikkkan BadA$$ Review

Politics as Usual: All Amerikkkan BadA$$ Review

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Joey BadA$$ came hard and relentless with his sophomore album All Amerikkkan BadA$$ (AAB). And yes, you see that right, there are “3Ks 2As in Amerikkka” as he raps in the albums 4th track “Land of the Free”. He is raw in his lyrical content on this album and proves himself as a true conscious rapper. In this album, Joey BadA$$ shines a light on the issues that African Americans have faced throughout history and is urging change.

At the first look of the Album cover, you can’t help but notice the flag that he (Joey BadA$$) is raising. But, I wonder will his audience get the symbolism behind it? The flag symbolizes the issue of gang violence, which has become our new America.The raised flag foreshadows the issues that Joey BadA$$ raises throughout the project. All Amerikkkan BadA$$ gives a political viewpoint on what it is like to be Black in America. But not the regular politics. In this album, the rapper is illustrating what the news won’t show through his lyrics.

Critics have claimed this album to be “angry or too political”, but I believe that it is exactly what our generation needs to focus on. We are the millennials and it is time for us to impose the change that we want for ourselves and our communities, so we can change the face of America. Joey digresses in the album that “we cannot change the world unless we change ourselves”.

All Amerikkkan BadA$$ is not angry at all.

Nonetheless, it is encouraging, empowering, and most importantly, a wake-up call.

Lyrically, Joey BadA$$$ is one of the only rappers that dropped an album this year, snapping on each bar. His hardcore rapping lacks credibility, but I am hoping that is something that changes after people hear the album. With that being said, he paired up with other strong lyricists on the album such as: J.cole, Schoolboy Q and Styles P

Joey BadA$$ feels that at this point in his career, he is better than rap legend, Tupac Shakur.

Joey Raised controversy a month ago with his tweet by saying,


He sounds extremely confident in his statement, but the rapper has to stomp his foot in the ground to get people to believe that statement.

Because although he is a talented and lyrical rapper, he has no real “wow” factor and that is why many may not gravitate towards his music.

The real question is, Will All Amerikkkan BadA$$ back up his statement? Or Will it make a nuisance out of him?

I know the answer but do you? Listen to the album here and let us know what you think!

Listen to the album HERE


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