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How to Launch a Successful Side-Hustle in College

The idea of starting your own business in college can seem a little terrifying, but if you have the resources, time, and are looking to make some extra cash, then this is definitely and option that you should consider.
Let me explain.
We all know how tough it is/would be to work a job that we didn’t enjoy for however many hours a week, and not receive a real return on investment.
And, with class loads possibly increasing each semester, and our pride not allowing us to ask our parents for money, we need to create options that work for us.
And, what better time than now, when you have access to an unlimited amount of resources,  and limited responsibilities.
If you have a talent or a skill that you would like to capitalize on, here are some things that you should do before launching your side-hustle.

1. Find out what kind of service do most of the students on your campus need:

Most businesses become successful because they are addressing a need that people want, and feel like would make their lives easier.  So, your best bet would be to ask around campus, within your friend group and outside of, to get a general consensus.  And, if you already have an idea of what you would like to do, shop it around to see if people would actually want to engage with it.

2.  Come up with a name and a list of services that you provide:

Once you’ve narrowed down what it is that you want to do, come up with a brand name that speaks to what it is that you do, before you even have to open your mouth to say it.  The more organized/ specific that you can be with your services the better.  So, for example, if you’re going to be doing hair, or taking notes for profit, make public your prices and things that your customers can expect from you.

3.  Create a general marketing plan for yourself:

Launching your business on a college campus will give you such a leg-up in the game because you have the ability to reach a large amount of people in a short period of time.  So, consider how you will market yourself on social media, at events on campus (i.e. flyers), and among your personal network.

4. Solidify an Accountability Partner

We all need someone who is going to help push us on the days we don’t feel motivated. If you want to be successful in starting your own business, you’re definitely going to need someone in your corner who is not only going to be your cheerleader, but also the person who is going to always keep it real.


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