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Here’s How the Providence NAACP Youth Council Members are Making A Difference in Their Community and Beyond


This Summer, I thought it would be interesting to spotlight a millennial group making philanthropic strides.  So, when the Providence NAACP Youth Council fell into my lap, it felt like the perfect fit. This organization, led by Pilar McCloud, contains a group of young ladies and women making moves in furthering Civil Rights efforts. These young ladies are heavy in the game! They are absolutely killing it, and after corresponding with the leader of the group, it was without doubt that the women of A Sweet Creation Youth Organization & The NAACP Youth Council were beyond ideal for the feature!

These young women have marched, protested, and picketed in attempts to better their communities and the overall livelihood of those around them. They have even sat-in, and voiced their views on issues like healthcare, education and housing within the Providence of Rhode Island.
It is vital for millennials to get involved within their communities, as a dominant force. Many youths tend to overlook and underestimate the role that civil rights, philanthropy, and local involvement play within the betterment of our lives and the lives of others. So, to see a group like this is simply outstanding and beyond inspiring. With previous features on WPRI Eye Witness News and Go Local Prov, these young ladies have huge futures ahead of them, and tons of work left to do. We, at Urban Social TV, commend and salute you all! You are an inspiration.

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Be on the lookout for more from these trailblazers!

These young ladies can be found at:

A Sweet Creation Youth Org

265 Oxford St

Providence RI 02905



Twitter: ASCYouth

IG: Pilar232

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