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Here’s Why You Should Create a Vision Board

Vision Boards, by definition, are graphic displays used to clarify, maintain, and help one to focus on specific life goals. These boards represent whatever their creators wish to achieve or attain in life, and it serves as an everyday reminder so that the creator is able to conceptualize their goals and make them a reality. Recently, the practice of creating vision boards has become really popular among our generation. Here’s why:

We are more inclined to prefer visual aids. Having that tangible reference motivates us more than simple word of mouth. Don’t get me wrong. We are firm believers in speaking things into existence. However, having that daily reminder in the form of a photograph has an explicit way of inspiring us.

For numerous people, vision boards have acted as catalysts in their success stories. For instance, Oprah Winfrey has discussed in interviews that she utilized vision boards to identify what her dream was. She was quoted advising others to, “Create the highest, grand-set vision for your life because you become what you believe.”

Many people have encouraged friends to construct vision boards of their own. Millennial women have even begun throwing vision board parties. At these parties, they encourage friends to bring old magazines and craft items to collectively gather and create their vision boards. Sometimes, at these events, friends even present their vision boards to the group and list their goals to the others.

Now, does this mean you must be into arts and crafts to construct your own vision board?

By no means. A vision board can simply be words written on a board. It’s just a matter of having that visual aid to motivate and remind you of the end goal. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to have a party.

The purpose of the vision board is simply to help you maintain some clarity on who you want to be and where you want to be. This will fuel your desire to remain on that path and find ways to get nearer to accomplishing your goal.



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