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How A Healthier Diet Can Contribute to Success

A little junk food has never hurt anyone, right?    

Those were my exact sentiments until I ran across a few articles that begged to differ. Statistics have shown employees with exercise regimens are roughly 15% more likely to have higher job performance and those eating healthier are 25 % more likely to have a  higher job performance. Being that what we consume affects both our focus and overall endurance, health and wellness have even proven to be major contributors to one’s overall success.

What does this mean for you?

It is never too early to start healthy habits and become more conscious of our mental and physical well-being. Where attaining goals and achieving, success is concerned, it is in our best interest to take small steps toward healthier lifestyles so that we can lead more productive lives.

How can this be done?

There is no exact path toward becoming healthier. However, some subtle changes can be the perfect start. Some suggestions would be:

  1. Incorporating a 30-minute workout in your day (or at least 3 times a week).
  2. Consuming more “superfoods” during the work day. These are foods that promote productivity. (ie. berries, dark chocolate, bananas, yogurts, green teas, etc.)
  3. Providing yourself with a 10-to-15-minute window, or break, to refocus.

Ultimately, you want to make healthy changes to be the best version of you. Boosting your energy and production level is just an added bonus.



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