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The Half-Marathon Diaries: It’s Race Day!!!

A monthly post that sarcastically and often self-deprecatingly lists observations and helpful pointers from the perspective of a millennial woman training for her first half-marathon. These posts seek to evoke a sense of kinship, perhaps some sympathy, and hopefully provide some entertainment for those going through similar fitness journeys.


  1. Pre-Race nerves are normal and may result in weird pains and aches.  Don’t worry…Unless they don’t subside after the race THEN you’re probably legit injured or crazy. You have permission to be worried.
  2. Recommended post race care: Shower (half of which may be you sitting or leaning on the tile wall), snack (i.e. lunch plus a pre-dinner snack), and long nap.
  3. Humidity v. Your lungs. Let’s be honest. You’re going to feel crappy. You’re not going to win the speed battle, but hopefully you’ll win the war AKA finishing your intended distance.
  4. Lumber your exhausted self over to take some post-race photos. You’ll never get another chance to capture this moment. But it won’t be anything that’s going to look flawless. So brace yourself, you’re smiling on the outside and you ran your ass off. You’re supposed to look like crap.
  5. Don’t be surprised if you feel like crying a little bit before, during, and after. Oh wait there’s random strangers and little kid cheering me. Good thing sweat hides tears.
  6. Try to take a moment to just. Breathe. It. All. In. Then breathe some more.
  7. Anticipate that you’ll inevitably be asked: “Would you do it again?” ANDDD even though you’re tired and sweaty and quite frankly just trying to acccept the fact that you ran all those miles, give a honest answer. It’s OK to change your mind post shower, food, and nap.
  8. Be proud of your accomplishment, not wallowing in your shortcomings. It is not productive or healthy self-talk.You got up, ran a bunch of miles that helped take sick kids minds off their suffering. If you’re going to wallow, just think about the kids. It’s not really about you.
  9. Give yourself a high-five because you didn’t stop once! (You may have power walked, which is totally fine and doesn’t count as stopping)
  10. Be sure to thank all of those who supported you emotionally, physically,  spiritualy, while training for this race.
  11. Treat yourself to a giant carb overload, bad for you, whatever you want, dinner and/or dessert!
  12. Pro Tip – Have someone come pick you up if possible- you will be in no condition or have any desire to drive home.
  13. Tell yourself you’re not crazy for plotting your next training schedule and half-marathon.

What do you think?