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“At What Cost”: Goldlink’s Priceless New Album


The first time I heard a song by GoldLink, I remember being immediately captivated by the groove that the song elicited. His artistry stood out to me because of its authenticity, and his willingness to experiment with different styles/sounds. And, as you know that is rare, nowadays with a lot of our favorite artists catching flack for biting the sound of others (sorry Drake).  Goldlink holds on to a sub-genre called Future Bounce, which stems from House music.

The 23-year-old rapper from D.C. recently released his debut album titled, At What Cost. The album starts off with a strange and yet confusing introduction that led to an eclectic masterpiece. The album pays homage to his hometown with its heavy Go-Go music influence, which is a sub-genre of funk originated by the DC area.

The album’s authentic production will have you grooving from track to track, as the rapper illustrates some of his experiences in his hometown that anyone can relate to. Not only is the album wonderfully composed with dope production, his lyrics hold substance, as he talks about the cultural and political gentrification occurring in D.C.  At What Cost includes complementary features by Jazmine Sullivan, KAYTRANDA, Steve Lacy, Shy Glizzy, and many more. My favorite tracks are: Have You Seen That Girl and Herside Story. Let us know what you think of the album!

At What Cost is a must listen and if you have been sleeping on “Goldlink”, now is the time to wake up!

At What Cost out now. Link in bio.

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Cold as a bitch.

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Crew Video: https://youtu.be/nhNqbe6QENY

Link to his iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/at-what-cost/id1215426121

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