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Count Down to Race Day: The Half-Marathon Diaries Pt. 3

The Half-Marathon Diaries Pt. 3


A monthly post that sarcastically and often self-deprecatingly lists observations and helpful pointers from the perspective of a millennial woman training for her first half-marathon. These posts seek to evoke a sense of kinship, perhaps some sympathy, and hopefully provide some entertainment for those going through similar fitness journeys.



July 2017 – 4 months until Race Day


  • Do keep a version of your training schedule on your phone, your fridge, your office, and anywhere else you think might be helpful — Just in case you decide to make plans to do a walking tour of the city you’re visiting the same day of your long run. #accidentallegday #itslegdaybitches #yolo
  • Don’t look at your feet too closely because in case you didn’t know…Running means friction and semi-trapped sweat, which means moisture, so your feet will have blistered and/or callused in response. They’re badass and a testament of the literal time and effort you’ve put in, but they’re also not cute so brace yourself. Pro Tip – Some nail polish and using a pumice stone does wonders for self-delusion and sandal season
  • Buy more socks. You and your feet deserve an upgrade to socks designed for athletic activity.
  • Apparently there is something to this regular exercise and not eating like crap and getting to bed at a decent hour thing that just makes a girl feel bright-eyed and bushy tailed. #wellseehowlongthislasts #trifectaofhealthyliving
  •  Don’t let yourself feel too cocky when you’re on the treadmill next to someone and you’ve farther/faster/longer etc. You don’t know their life. You’re better than that. Keep moving forward, don’t look back and be petty. #petpeeves #butalsoicantstop #iseeyoulululemonchick
  • Whoever invented foam rollers was really smart, but also a masochist.
  • Who knew that you could get sick of the taste of water? Pro Tip – Try mixing some fresh fruit or citric juices in a water bottle or pitcher to jazz up the once-refreshing taste of water. Or be lazy like me and alternate Propel/G2/Vitamin Water Zero or whichever option is on sale.
  • Remind yourself how shitty you’ll feel if you don’t stretch pre/post workout because trust me you have regrets. You will feel worse
  • Running longer distances may be one of the best and cheapest forms of self-care. #whydidthistakesolongtofigureout #betteringself
  • You should start doing some core and strengthening exercises starting early on in the training process and not wake up one day wondering why you don’t have a sixpack yet.

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