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Check Out the Top 5 Podcasts for Urban Millennial Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are becoming the millennial alternative for radio, offering quality dialogue to niches within the market. Of those segmented groups, the urban entrepreneurial portion is in the minority in terms of quantity. However, there are so many quality commentators and contributors within that grouping that I feel are noteworthy.

Below, I have listed five of my favorite podcasts catering to urban millennials with entrepreneurial aspirations. For those readers that prefer to reference specific podcasts prior to subscription, I will note exact episodes that I feel are most informative and give an accurate representation of the show.

1. Dreams in Drive

Rana Campbell’s “Dreams in Drive” Podcast stimulates the creative entrepreneur’s mental by offering sound advice from established career women. Campbell utilizes her tagline by giving listeners the ‘keys’ to take their dreams out of ‘park’ and putting them in ‘drive’. One of my favorite episodes is entitled “Reclaiming Your Health, Legacy, and Purpose” and featured lifestyle blogger, Necole Kane. Transitioning from being the face of a popular celebrity gossip blog, Kane speaks on the importance of self-care and self-awareness when building a brand around yourself. This interview was so relatable and motivating that I can confidently say it embodies all the knowledge and inspiration provided in each episode.

2. My Taught You

Myleik Teele’s “My Taught You” is by far one of the most informative podcasts that I have listened to. Teele’s mission for the podcast is to offer a blueprint for success that was not available to her during her adolescence. She talks finance, negotiating, networking, self-care, personal branding, compromise, career advice, social health, and more. After one listen, I guarantee you that Myleik will become a resource, mentor, big sister and friend. One of my favorite episodes from Myleik’s podcast is entitled “Favorite Interview! SAMPLER Podcast featuring Brittany Luse”. This episode gave me a concise idea of who Myleik was and what her personal brand is.

3. Black Girl Boss

The “Black Girl Boss” Podcast is hosted by millennial women, Tatum Harrison and Milan Mobley. Both ladies are entrepreneurs, having experience in the fields of public relations and marketing. Their podcast offers an authenticity that is almost contagious. They offer advice based on experience and give honest commentary. One of my favorite episodes is entitled “Balancing Bae, Besties & Business”. The episode focuses on finding stability between business and social life.

4. Side Hustle Pro

The “Side Hustle Pro” Podcast is curated by Nicaila Matthews, a Social and Digital Marketing Strategist. Throughout the span of her career, she has actively been a self-proclaimed ‘side hustler’. Matthews offers advice, personal experiences, and insight from fellow entrepreneurs. My favorite “Side Hustle Pro” episode is entitled “Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business”. The episode features LoveBrownSugar’s Christina Brown and breaks down the business side of the blogging world.

5. Hashtags & Stilettos

“Hashtags & Stilettos” is a podcast, hosted by Sakita Holley, that acts as the listener’s pocket public relations specialist. Holley, a Public Relations specialist, discusses branding, lifestyle, and business. My favorite episode from the series is the most recent installment. Holley conducts an interview with Vivian Kaye of Kinky Curly Yaki. Kaye discusses how troubleshooting can assist in orchestrating success.

On your next ride to school or work, pick one of these recommendations and take a listen. Whichever one you choose, I promise you cannot go wrong!


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