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16-Year-Old Rapper, Young Reid, Shows Us How He’s Getting into the Music Game

“Young Reid” a.k.a Reid Swann is a rising star. Born in Pasadena, CA, but raised in Winston Salem, NC, this 16-year-old Young Mogul is working on solidifying a top spot…

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290 174 Lota Erinne

Beginner’s Guide to Beating Fast Fashion

Fast fashion, or “McFashion,” is clothing that quickly moves from the catwalk to local stores like Zara and Topshop to capture the latest trends as soon as possible. However, the…

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Top 5 Most Free-Spirited TV Girlfriend’s

Bold. Funny. Fierce. Confident. In Your Face. Elegant and even a little Awkward at times. Some women have it all, and when you’ve got it: Hey, Flaunt it. That’s the…

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Why Quality TV Shows & Films Are So Important for the Culture!

Have the release of shows likes Black-Ish & movies like Get Out affected audience expectations? What does this mean for millennial viewership? As millennials, our demand for quality content has heightened. For…

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5 Simple Ways To Gain A Twitter Following

When it comes to gaining followers on social media, especially twitter, people often feel the need to cheat. Or they feel as though authentically gaining followers is impossible. Building a following…

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