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How to Balance a 9-5 and Running a Small Business

Back in the day, for the most part, having one job was enough to support yourself.

But, with the ever-changing job market and our new administration’s efforts to deplete job security, having one occupation just isn’t going to cut it in the long-run.

So many companies are downsizing,  or just closing their doors for good, which is making it hard for many people to maintain employment.

As young people, we’re always encouraged to go to college and upon graduation, find a job in our career field.  But, with the job market being so fickle, it is important that we create our own opportunities to be successful, instead of depending on someone else.

I learned quickly that if I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny, then I had to start my own business.  Now, for may of us who are currently working a 9-5, and already feel overwhelmed, the thought of starting a company can be pretty scary.

But, don’t think that it can’t be done.

Check out these tips that have helped me perform in my 9-5, and my own business:

1. Make a commitment to balance your full-time and small business

2.  Schedule, routine, schedule…create a calendar to map out  your “Red” and “Green” days( red days are things you have to do for work and green days are days for working on the business and free time). Routine is developed based on your schedule.

3.  Seek credible feedback from other business owners or a very transparent person. Sometimes another set of eyes can help grow your business.

4.  Create a thorough written plan that details how you will safely/successfully make your transition into the entrepreneurship space

5. Leverage your personal income to promote growth in your business (I use my earnings from my full-time job to fund my business)

In an ideal world, these steps would work simultaneously without any issues. But, unfortunately that may not always be realistic. So, just be patient with yourself, and allow yourself the opportunity to figure out what strategy works best for you.



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